All Day Breakfast - 41g Protein

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Perfect for after my lunch time workouts during work.

(Posted on 01/04/2016)

Review by James


Found all the selections really tasty, great that I can get high protein so easily in 2.5 mins.

(Posted on 18/04/2016)

Review by Sam


Tender Cooked Chicken Sauasges with Bacon, Mushrooms, Tomato Puree, and Beans

ChickenSausage(42%)[Chicken(82%),Water,Rusk [WheatFlour(fortifiedwithCalciumCarbonate,Iron,Niacin,Thiamin),Salt,Raising Agent(AmmoniumBicarbonate)],Parsley,EggWhitePowder,HimalayanCrystal Salt,GroundWhitePepper],Water,HaricotBeans(13%),UnsmokedBacon(5%) (Pork(87%),Water,Salt,Preservative(SodiumNitrite,PotassiumNitrate)], Mushroom(4%),Potato(Sulphites),TomatoPaste,VegetableStock [ConcentratedVegetableJuices(Carrot,Onion,Leek,Water),Salt,GroundWhite Pepper],WheatProtein,TapiocaStarch,Honey,GarlicPuree,GroundBlackPepper

Nutritional values per meal:

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  • 41g protein per meal


Performance Meals save you time, no more meal prepping and cooking. Simply grab a Performance Meal from your cupboard and warm up in only 2 1/2 minutes and you have a tasty high protein meal!

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Microwave ready in 2 1/2 minutes

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Ready hot or cold

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