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High Protein Meals

Performance Meals are high protein diet meals based on clinically tested research that clearly indicates a high protein diet helps to maintain a lean, toned body.

High protein meals are also suitable to use as musclefood for bodybuilding meals to build muscle mass, and strength and are especially useful in the post workout (PWO) repair of muscle after exercise.

Performance Meals are designed by qualified sports nutritionists for individuals involved in sport and fitness, such as football, rugby, bodybuilding and due to Performance Meals high protein, low fat ratio they are also suitable for fat loss, dieting and slimming.

Meal Prep

The Performance Meals pouch is a form of advanced food packaging that has, in many instances, replaced the need for canning. The concept was invented by the United States Army in 1978 as a method of storing rations for troops, but it has since been adapted to a wide array of consumer products.

Foods packaged in a pouch, therefore, do not have to be refrigerated before opening, and can be stored in the same manner as traditional canned goods.

One of the additional advantages that a pouch offers is that the preparation of the food is done by heating it within the pouch. The steam generated from water in the food kills off bacteria. No nutrient value is lost in the process of cooking the food either, as it is entirely self -contained.

The pouch is an extremely strong and versatile method of safely storing food. It weighs less than traditional vacuum-packed canned goods, doesn't require the use of precious metals in large quantities, and is more portable.

Low Fat Diet Meals - Eating for Fat Loss

Read the title again: note that it says ‘fat loss’, not ‘weight loss’. This distinction is not merely an exercise in semantics; it represents the most fundamental difference between the athlete and the non-athlete.

The diet industry and the diets it produces are designed for weight loss. Weight loss includes not only fat, but also water and more importantly muscle mass. A program that has a quick start element will utilise the fact that water is lost whenever a person switches to dietary restriction aimed at weight loss to give the illusion of progress.

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