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Frustrated with the nutritionally poor choice of pre-prepared meals already out there, I thought it's time to create something completely new!  

Launching Performance Meals into the industry in 2012 was exciting times as it was the only product of it's kind in the industry and since then has continued to innovate!

I strongly believe that Performance Meals is a groundbreaking product that will provide real benefit to anyone involved in fitness, sports, weight management or just healthy eating in general.

Time is precious and Performance Meals saves you time in that you no longer need to spend time prepping, cooking and washing up.  Simply heat and eat in minutes!

Performance Meals have been developed by qualified sports nutritionists in conjunction with leading food technologists.  Giving you and your body the best balance of nutrition possible, conveniently.

We hope that you enjoy our range of high protein meals and look forward to hearing your feedback!

Eat Better!

Mike Webb

Performance Meals

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