All Day Breakfast - 41g Protein

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Perfect for after my lunch time workouts during work.

(Posted on 01/04/2016)

Review by James


Found all the selections really tasty, great that I can get high protein so easily in 2.5 mins.

(Posted on 18/04/2016)

Review by Sam


A performance focused take on an Italian classic. Made with tender chicken sausages, bacon, mushrooms and tomato in a baked bean sauce. This meal packs 41g of protein, low levels of fat and less than 345 calories per serving, with no additives or preservatives.

Performance Meals save you time, no more meal prepping and cooking. Simply grab a Performance Meal from your cupboard and warm up in only 2 1/2 minutes and you have a tasty high protein ready meal!

ChickenSausage(42%)[Chicken(82%),Water,Rusk [WheatFlour(fortifiedwithCalciumCarbonate,Iron,Niacin,Thiamin),Salt,Raising Agent(AmmoniumBicarbonate)],Parsley,EggWhitePowder,HimalayanCrystal Salt,GroundWhitePepper],Water,HaricotBeans(13%),UnsmokedBacon(5%) (Pork(87%),Water,Salt,Preservative(SodiumNitrite,PotassiumNitrate)], Mushroom(4%),Potato(Sulphites),TomatoPaste,VegetableStock [ConcentratedVegetableJuices(Carrot,Onion,Leek,Water),Salt,GroundWhite Pepper],WheatProtein,TapiocaStarch,Honey,GarlicPuree,GroundBlackPepper

Nutritional values per meal:

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  • 41g protein per meal


Tender Cooked Chicken Sausages with Bacon, Mushrooms and Tomato in a Baked Bean sauce


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Microwave ready in 2 1/2 minutes

No fridge needed store in a cool dry space

Ready hot or cold

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