Bulking Plan – Day 1

Day 1 of the bulking plan includes a weight training session in the afternoon. All meals are high in both carbs and protein to effectively fuel the training and aid post workout recovery. Breakfast packs in a lot of protein, on top of a whey protein shake, ensuring that the first meal of the day provides adequate levels of protein following a prolonged period without eating. Carbs are added in the form of relatively low GI granary toast. Micronutrients are provided in the fruit juice.

Lunch and dinner both contain large amounts of carbohydrate to provide sufficient amounts to fuel training and enough protein to allow for muscle growth. The post workout meal contains low-moderate GI carbs to allow for muscle recovery and high levels of protein. Both meals provide micronutrients in the vegetables.

All snacks are designed to provide sufficient levels of protein, carbohydrate, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. The cottage cheese will provide slow release protein, (slowed further by the addition of the flax), to fuel the overnight fast.

The Eating Plan – Day 1

  • 7.00am 30g Whey Protein in water
  • 7.30am Performance Meals Breakfast Sausage and Eggs
    • 2 slices granary toast with olive oil based spread
    • 200ml glass orange juice
  • 10.30am Protein Bar
    • Item fruit
  • 1.00pm Performance Meals meal of choice
  • 3.00pm 3 oatcakes with 150g cottage cheese
    • Item fruit
  • 5.00pm Train
    • Immediately post workout 30g Whey Protein in water
  • 7.30pm Performance Meals meal of choice
  • 10.30pm 200g cottage cheese
    • 1tbsp flax seed oil
  • 11.00pm Bed

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